Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Air-cooled chillers: Reliable and low cost

Air-cooled chillers can be rented for outdoor events. When you are having a wedding in the summers,it is great to put up a tent have a chiller to cool down the space. Every location is different as it has its own unique characteristics. Whenever you plan to have a party or a business event, talk to the professionals and get some advice on how to keep the venue cool.
Getting a temporary solution for your workers at the factory is also not a bad idea. In summers, some days are really hot and unbearable. An air-cooled chiller provides relief from the heat on the very warm days of summers.  The cost of the rental is very affordable and it is better than buying an entire unit which could be very costly.
Sometimes, the office or factory air conditioner breaks down and you need emergency services. At such times, the engineers from the rental company can come out to the site and install a chiller to fulfill your immediate need within hours.
Besides cooling the air, chiller are also used in industrial applications.When you have more orders than you can handle, the load on the chillers can increase. In such a situation, renting a few extra chillers will be the best choice. In this way, you do not have to make a heavy investment in buying additional chillers.
Portable Air has one of the largest chiller rental fleet in the country.The company offers chillers from 7.5 to 300 tons.  When you call the company, their engineers will come out for an inspection. They will give you the right advice and negotiate the rental rate. After your approval, they will set up their equipment. You may call them 24/7 with your requirements.
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Benefits of Using a Portable Air Scrubber

A portable air scrubber is the ideal solution for a wide array of different projects where the removal of odors or dirt are necessary. Portable air scrubbers can be used in spaces where traditional model air filters and cleaners cannot go because of their unique features and characteristics. When your organization needs to ensure that you are able to control particles in virtually any space, a portable air scrubber is likely the answer that you are looking for. 

What are the Benefits of Using a Portable Air Scrubber?
One of the big benefits of using a portable air scrubber is that the air scrubber is a much more compact unit than traditional air filtration solutions like negative air machines. A portable air scrubber can fit into a tiny space or a cramped area.  Because the portable air scrubber can also be used in larger areas, choosing a portable model ensures you do not need to have a lot of different air filtration products. One compact portable unit can be purchased and used by contractors and other professionals in the construction industry who want to standardize their machine use.

Another big benefit to choosing a portable air scrubber is that they are generally very effective at removing dirt, particles, and odors from the air.  You need to ensure that you and your workers are not breathing in toxins and chemicals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets air quality standards and your company could face a citation if you do not fully comply with the rules and restrictions for maintaining safe air to breath. Workers could also become sick, and a workers’ compensation claim could follow if there is proof that the air quality was the cause of the illness.

You do not want to take a chance on anyone getting sick from breathing in dangerous air particles.  A portable air scrubber is able to remove up to 99.97 percent of even small-sized particles. Portable air scrubbers can not only remove dangerous particles and dirt in the air in the location where work is being performed but can also be very effective in preventing other nearby areas from becoming contaminated as well. This makes it easy to keep dirt and odors contained whenever work is performed.

Portable air scrubbers provide extensive control over where, when and how they are used.  There is the option for variable airflow control and you can daisy-chain multiple units if you require more air scrubbers in order to clean the air in larger spaces where work is being performed.  Portable air scrubbers can also have multiple stage filters, adding to the versatility of these products and ensuring they can be utilized in virtually any construction or industrial project where cleansing of the air is required.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why Opt For Air Scrubbers

For many years, air scrubbers were the considered fringe industrial equipment. They were mostly installed at manufacturing and fabrication plants so that they could reduce the amount of pollutant and irritants in the air.

However, the growing levels of irritants have now been cited as leading cause of throat and lung infections, allergies and related health issues. The only cure and preventive measure is to filter put the irritants. 

In domestic settings, many people just install an air conditioning system and assume that it would take care of the process of keeping irritants and pollutants out. The presence of filters on the systems provides a sense of false relief. Thus, despite changing the filters regularly and replacing them as per manufacturer’s recommendations, the rate of allergy and infection s is still high in many households.
The only piece of HVAC equipment that could help with the situation is an air scrubber. The best way of ensuring that the family receives complete benefit of clean air is to opt for air scrubber rental.

The importance of air scrubbers in domestic setting could not be overstressed. Residential areas of the cities used to be clean with very low levels of irritants simply because of the distance between the industrial areas of the city. However, as the city expends, the distance has been reduced to the extent when the pollutants and irritant could freely enter the house.

Air scrubbers could cost a bundle. This is one reason why many household avoid installing one. However, the benefits offered far outweigh the cost issues. However, for cost conscious households, air scrubber rental is the way to go. In many cases, these rentals are managed by reliable vendors who already service neighborhood residential and commercial customers. These vendors provide complete support including installation of the equipment at the property and continued technical support.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Benefits of Air Scrubbers

Air pollution is a leading cause of throat and ENT infections. Unfiltered air carries a wide range of irritants, germs and bacteria. In fact, unfiltered air is harmful for all settings. This is why experts suggest that air scrubber rental services be employed as soon as possible.

One of the most common scenarios where the services of air scrubbers become invaluable is hospitals and other medical services establishments. It is vital that the inside air of the building is clean and free from germs and pollutants that could actually worsen the condition of many patients. In many cases, the testing labs are located within the same premises. These labs often have their own air filtration systems because of stringent requirements of contaminant free air.

However, air scrubber rental is more popular in industrial settings because of the presence of harmful dust and chemicals. These contaminants are a major health hazard and could cause grave illnesses among the workers. One of the best ways of ensuring that the office air is clean is to get eth services of an air scrubber rental services.

In many cases, commercial units have more pronounced need for purified air. In addition to people, almost all industrial processes require clean uncontaminated air. Almost all manufacturing and fabrication plants dealing with micro level production runs have some sort of air scrubbers installed. Thus, industrial air scrubber rental services providers deal in all industrial level services.

In many cases, the situation dictates the decision of opting for air scrubbers. However, people have found out that outside of residential air conditioning solutions, buying is often costly and a less efficient decision in the end. In the case of air scrubbers, it is important to understand the requirements and the duration of the usage to decide whether buying or renting is the better solution.